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NOTIQ {no-teek} is the luxury, lifestyle brand that empowers {you} the stylish, ambitious go-getter seeking to live an elegant, organized and productive life.  Whether you have a personal, creative or business goal, our tools, resources and community will inspire you to become the doer who follows through with real results. A portion of your purchase supports our global mission to empower creative enterprise in developing countries. 

The NOTIQ Radio

Listen to inspiring and empowering talk shows hosted by NOTIQ's founder.

 Discover inspiring and empowering talk shows hosted by NOTIQ's founder. 
In this episode, the founder of NOTIQ brand recalls her layoff story and shares how she overcame her disappointment and financial fears. You'll leave this episode inspired, encouraged and motivated to move forward to your next step. Please leave a comment or question below. Thank you for listening.

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"I imagine a world where women are empowered to become more and in return change the world around them. I want to lead this mission by example." - V.J., Founder

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