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Article: These are the Coziest Fall Colors for Your Next Planner Cover

A beige croco planner on top of a mulberry saffiano planner atop a desk.

These are the Coziest Fall Colors for Your Next Planner Cover

A beige croco planner on top of a mulberry saffiano planner atop a desk.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

As fall arrives with its crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything, we find ourselves yearning for warmth and comfort. It's the season that beckons us to wrap ourselves in cozy blankets, sip on steaming mugs of tea, and indulge in the simple joys of life. And what better way to capture this fall essence than by choosing the coziest colors for your next planner cover?

Like the beautiful color transformation of fall leaves, this season is the perfect time to revamp your planner and feel inspired to achieve your goals in a new light.

If you are looking to embrace something more cozy and warm this season, these are the perfect fall colors for your next agenda cover:

Caramel Saffiano

The most classic color choice for fall. Caramel Saffiano is timeless with its rich, neutral-warm brown shade. This cover is a staple in any planner collection and can be used both in the Fall and as a year-round essential.

Bone Croco

A classic beige shade in a luxurious Croco pattern. While most would consider fall to comprise of deep russet, burnt orange, and golden yellow, Bone Croco can be seen as an unlikely addition. In spite of its slightly cool undertone, this shade makes a fantastic choice as an alternative to a typical warm palette.

Rosebud Saffiano

A delicate and soft pink shade for those who want something feminine in the fall. This cover is perfect for those who prefer light colors over dark, but can still enjoy slightly warm elements of gold hardware in this cozy season.

Rouge Lizard

A strikingly bold, luscious red shade with an elegant lizard pattern. Rouge Lizard would make a strong addition to any fall collection and easily makes a wonderful transition into the Winter season. This stunning color is perfect for those who enjoy strong, dark colors reminiscent of autumn leaves.

Stone Gray Saffiano

A unique shifting gray shade with touches of rose gold. This cover represents a foggy fall morning and crisp autumn air. While initially void of warmth, the gray is balanced with the addition of rose gold hardware. This cover makes a lovely option for those who love cooler shades that still evoke a feeling of comfort.

A stack of pink notepads next to a mulberry saffiano planner and clear disc notebook.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

Mulberry Saffiano

A shade as alluring as wine with the intensity of deep burgundy and the vibrancy of royal purple. This gorgeous color is a comparable alternative to Rouge that showcases a touch of purple without being too overwhelming. 

Wild Rose Croco

A subtle, muted rose in a stylish Croco pattern. While fitted with a grayish undertone, this rosey pink cover with rose gold hardware adds a cool touch to a warm fall palette. This color is perfect for those who desire a shade that dances between the seasons.

BLAQ Lizard

Dark, elegant, and exotic; BLAQ Lizard is a show-stopper that inspires feelings of creativity and ambition during the fall season. While it isn't a particularly warm or muted color, it's fantastic for formal settings like the office when you need something a little more refined and tasteful in a season of mellow.

Mulberry Quilted

The same stunning, velvety Mulberry shade in a dreamy, quilted pattern. This cover is the epitome of dark and cozy, offering both the comfort of soft leather and the richness of fall. 

Black Lisse Quilted

A deep and elegant black cover with a smooth and supple quilted pattern. The softness of the leather creates a cozy contrast to the starkness of the color. A must-have in every planner collection that adds an air of luxury to darker seasons like fall and winter.

Like the unique shades of every autumn leaf, there is no right or wrong color to use for a fall planner cover. Whether you prefer light or dark, warm or cool, the perfect cozy planner cover is one that makes you feel comfortable and encouraged to use it.


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