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Goals & Vision Board Wall Poster Kit

Sale price$69.00 USD
Item 2020927
Goals & Vision Board Wall Poster Kit
Goals & Vision Board Wall Poster Kit Sale price$69.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Margaret Rogers
Love this kit!

I joined together with my squad and we each did a vision board and are working on our goals boards. We had fun and feel ready to tackle 2022. These tools were essential to us being able to create our vision!!

Joycelyn Connet

I absolutely love having my goals up front and center at all times. It keeps me focused and moving forward!

Best in Town

I love my kit! It was so worth the investment. It was not just useful for me but also for my hubby. We were able to share the kit and align it to our various office spaces and it has been motivating to say the least. We are clear on our focus for the next 5 years and the kit made it easy to commit to demonstrating our greatness in building the life, family, career, and business of our dream. I am looking forward to updating this review in 6 months to 1 year and share how it has drastically helped us achieve more than we could hope or imagine. Take the leap, it is worth the investment.

Took Me A Second...But It Was Worth It

It took me a moment to consider spending $70 on this kit, but I'm so glad I talked myself into it. With both my husband and I being small business owners with completely different businesses AND a household of 5 with different future goals in mind, this kit is everything. We can goal set individually for our businesses, goal set as a family, and the children can goal set on their own. We decided to get ours laminated so we can reuse them or erase mistakes but if a new one comes out for 2022 I doubt I'll have to talk myself into it. :)

The quality of the product is nice and it came packaged well enough not to sustain damage EVEN THOUGH UPS left it soggy, in the rain with the side of the package split open. Thank God it didn't get wet!

Brooklynn Adams
Goals in progress

I absolutely love this vision board. The quality is exceptional. I see myself with many years of use with is one. Thank you for being the exception. 💕💕