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Article: New to Planning? Find Out Which Planning Style Fits You Best

New to Planning? Find Out Which Planning Style Fits You Best - NOTIQ

New to Planning? Find Out Which Planning Style Fits You Best

Planner open on desk alongside coffee and pen.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

To be ambitious is to be productive, and to be productive is to be organized.

The method in which you set up your planner is imperative to your success. Each style of planning has its advantages and disadvantages, so the key to great planning is to find the right one for you. 

If you are looking to start a planner to help you do more and achieve your goals, here are three planning styles to consider:

A collection of black vegan leather planners on a desk.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​


The Overview

A monthly spread allows you to see multiple weeks at a glance with an overview of each month. This type of insert is formatted like a calendar and can take up from one to two pages in your planner. This planning style is great for those who prefer the ‘Big Picture’, and may not need to worry about the small details. 


A Steady Flow

Weekly spreads allow you to see multiple days of the week at once. This type of planner insert usually takes up one to two pages in your planner, and is usually formatted either horizontally or vertically on the paper. This style of planning is great for those who take a week at a time and want to be prepared for what’s coming next.


Keep It Tight

Daily spreads are used for the most in-depth planning. This type of planner insert takes up an entire page to provide space for all the details. If you are someone who likes to plan and have control over every aspect of your day, this planner style is perfect for you.

Which type of planning style do you like best? Do you like to see a general overview of things or do you prefer to keep track of the small details?

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