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Article: 5 Planning Tips For Your Success

5 Planning Tips For Your Success - NOTIQ

5 Planning Tips For Your Success


For a long time, I struggled with staying focused on my daily goals until I found a simple system that works. I am a "lister" by nature and I'm often tempted with writing everything... everywhere. Can you relate?

I created the Weekly Brief layout - A simple and minimal option that allows me to not only list out my tasks, but also keeps me focused on my key targets. 

If you struggle with staying focused, consider following the Weekly Brief TIPS. Here is how: 

Step 1. Write out your key targets for the week at the top so you don’t miss any important milestones.

Step 2. Use the lower right column to list out all of your tasks for the week. This list will also help you identify what's most important and what to highlight in Step 3. 

Step 3. Use the lower left column to write out your top 3 targets for each day of the week. You may reference your right column from Step 2 to identify what's most important.

Step 4. Make your daily notes, journal or sketch your ideas on the back page.  This allows you to keep your notes and ideas all in one place for future reference.

Step 5. Review and celebrate your progress at the end of the week and then repeat the steps.

I’m currently using this layout and tips for planning my work and business here at NOTIQ. I’m curious will this layout work for you? 🙋🏽‍♀️


V.J | Founder & Chief Elegance Officer


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