Water and Wellness: NOTIQ’s New Affirmation Water Tracking Bottle is Here

Designed to Help You Stay Hydrated and Grow Your Health

Reusable water tracking bottles in blush and white.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

This June for NOTIQ’s upcoming Water and Wellness Month, we are dedicated to inspiring our community to prioritize their health. Staying properly hydrated is important for your mental and physical wellbeing, but with so many things to juggle, many are often busy and forget to drink water consistently. 

Introducing NOTIQ’s new Affirmation Water Tracking Bottle; designed with your health and fitness goals in mind, this elegant water bottle will help you consistently stay hydrated and inspire you to take on the day. 

Reusable water tracking bottles in blush and white.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

There are two different shades, Mauve Blush and Frost White. To help you stay on track and remind you to drink water, the bottles are branded with the words ‘I am Becoming’ along with 8 different inspiring affirmations for each hourly reminder. Beginning with the affirmation ‘A Woman of Focus’, and ending with ‘A Woman of Completion’, the affirmations were chosen with the intention of inspiring you to remain focused and work towards finishing the entire bottle. 

The bottles come in two sizes, with the maxi size holding 34 ounces and the mini size holding 22 ounces. The maxi water bottle is perfect for those who want to be consistent throughout their day and the mini bottle is perfect for those who travel or are just getting started. They are made from BPA-Free plastic and come with an additional straw lid and cleaning brush, making them perfect for gifting.

By supporting this launch you are not only helping NOTIQ reach and inspire ambitious women all over the globe, but you are also supporting our mission to provide resources and assistance to underprivileged countries worldwide. A portion of the proceeds provided from each water bottle purchase will be donated to The Water Project, a water charity focused on benefiting underdeveloped countries and helping with overall water sustainability. 

Our goal is to use these new water bottles to encourage a love for improving your health and inspire change. We believe that NOTIQ users are world-changers, will you join us?

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