Empowerment in a Bottle: The NOTIQ Water Bottle Story

As a young child who attended boarding school in Nigeria, a lack of consistent, clean water was the norm. Along with my peers, we learned how to self-purify water. Enter: Fetch some water, let the sediments settle, carefully drink the top layer, and pray you don't contract typhoid fever. I quickly learned not to take WATER for granted. 

The journey of health and wellness begins with a glass (or bottle) of clean water, but with the many balls we have to juggle, we often get busy and unintentionally take simple things for granted. Many of us forget to drink water consistently. 

I am inviting you to join NOTIQ's Water & Wellness challenge with this Affirmation Water Tracking Bottle. I hope that this bottle inspires you to become the woman of your dreams. A portion of the proceeds from this bottle will benefit The Water Project - a charity providing safe, clean water to developing countries in Africa where I was born. 

Thank you for joining me in making an impact, and cheers to your health and wellness!




Reusable affirmation water tracking bottles in pink and white.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

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