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Article: NOTIQ Brand Announces The Launch of New Exclusive Online Community, 'Club NOTIQ'

NOTIQ Brand Announces The Launch of New Exclusive Online Community, 'Club NOTIQ' - NOTIQ

NOTIQ Brand Announces The Launch of New Exclusive Online Community, 'Club NOTIQ'

The fashion-forward organization brand NOTIQ continues to shine as a leading figure in the industry through its growing influence. In under two years, NOTIQ has gained over twenty thousand followers on social media with fans spotting NOTIQ products on celebrities like Vanessa Simmons and Arianna Rockefeller. The company’s reach has increased exponentially since its debut in August 2019 and has goals to become one of the most iconic brands on the market.

NOTIQ’s Founder and Chief Elegant Officer, V.J, attributes her company’s success to her philosophy of excellent customer service, giving back, and making impactful connections with her audience. For more than a year, she and her team have built a strong following of loyal NOTIQ fans and supporters. This July, the brand has taken it to the next level and has launched one of its latest projects: Club NOTIQ.

“Club NOTIQ was created to be an elegant, loving, and inspiring space for the patrons and friends of the NOTIQ brand,” says V.J, “we think of Club NOTIQ as the virtual country club for the elegant and ambitious.”

The new exclusive online community was made for the brand’s audience to connect, communicate, and share their love for all things NOTIQ. The club hosts a handful of topics like ‘Behind the Scenes’, ‘New Releases’, and more. Currently, there are three groups that members can be a part of including Wellness and Organization.

Club NOTIQ was introduced along with the brand’s first Wellness group challenge to drink more water. Each day members would log in to post pictures of their water bottles and encouraged others to join in on the goal of staying hydrated every day. 

The brand hopes to encourage members to build off of these challenges to grow and elevate themselves. With a new group releasing every month, Club NOTIQ strives to educate and provide inspiration in the different aspects of a person’s life. Club members discuss more than just NOTIQ and their products, they also share their goals and thoughts with others, as well as find value in the content that the NOTIQ team members release every week.

For now, the majority of club members are the brand’s customers and followers, but NOTIQ’s team continues to work on expanding its community as it improves the club’s features and purpose.

To learn more on how to be a part of NOTIQ’s growing community, visit


NOTIQ {no-teek} is a global lifestyle brand empowering women and stewarding our environment with sustainable and fashionable personal organization goods and education designed to help women stand out, grow in value and become more.

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