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Article: NOTIQ at THREE: Popular Lifestyle Brand Celebrates Its Third Year In Business

NOTIQ at THREE: Popular Lifestyle Brand Celebrates Its Third Year In Business - NOTIQ

NOTIQ at THREE: Popular Lifestyle Brand Celebrates Its Third Year In Business

NOTIQ Thanks Community For The Brand’s Success In Sustainable Fashion & Social Impact Missions

The most elegant and organized lifestyle brand celebrates its third anniversary this August. Founder Vivian Jade and her team give big thanks to supporters for helping the brand become the success it is today. From humble beginnings, to taking on the global stage, NOTIQ has grown into one of the world’s most influential small businesses working to change the narrative of fashion through eco-conscious consumption, education, and elegant impact. 

Luxury vegan leather white croco office essentials planner, wallet, pencil case, and card case on desk.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

NOTIQ was founded on a dream to help women grow in value and become more. Acknowledging the current inequalities placed on women in the workplace, NOTIQ’s Founder knew that there was a need for education, empowerment, and the resources to help them succeed. 

Every product offered through NOTIQ has to be both functional and elegant and created with the highest quality of sustainable materials. NOTIQ not only provides stylish, elegant work/life essentials, but luxurious eco-alternatives to what women are currently using (or needing) in their life.

Luxury vegan leather pink saffiano agenda planner with floral bouquet and gold pen.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

In 2019, the brand released its first ever blush and black agendas featuring its original signature Q logo. Since then, NOTIQ has grown to offer over 100+ products, each solving a different need in a lady’s life. Elegant vegan leather agendas help with time management, whereas NOTIQ’s chic and compact cash envelope wallets make budgeting easy and simple. 

People truly make for the heart of the brand. Their needs not only fuel the inspiration for new products and solutions but also help to inspire the NOTIQ Team to place environmental service and philanthropy at the forefront of their mission. It is because of people that NOTIQ prioritizes giving back and inspiring change in the world around us. 

Black and white goal planning and vision mood board for inspiration.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​


“I want my patrons to know that everything matters. Every like, every share, every purchase, every order, every sale, and every investment with NOTIQ matters.”

— V.J, Founder of NOTIQ


NOTIQ’s success was made possible through the love and support of its community. Every action enables the brand to give back to individuals in developing countries and help support the global mission of environmental sustainability. Every investment in NOTIQ is an investment in women and the planet.

With continued support from its patrons and supporters, NOTIQ will rise to new heights in the world of fashion and personal organization. Fans can expect big things planned for the future with new and exciting launches, exclusively designed products, and a charity project on the way. “This is only the beginning,” says V.J, “I’m excited about the future.”


NOTIQ {no-teek} is a global lifestyle brand empowering women and stewarding our environment with sustainable and fashionable personal organization goods and education designed to help women stand out, grow in value and become more.

Experience the brand now at and trackour environmental impact here.

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