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Article: Build Something Powerful

Build Something Powerful - NOTIQ
Founder's Diary

Build Something Powerful

Often times we feel threatened or fearful about our dreams especially when it appears that so many others are doing what we desire to do. I felt this way too when I founded NOTIQ. I felt I was late to the game. I felt there might be no room for me. The only way I had to figure out the answer was to keep going. At the time of this writing, NOTIQ is celebrating its sixth month anniversary. I am so grateful I pursued my dreams of serving and empowering women to become elegant, organized and productive. NOTIQ has successfully grown quickly beyond my imagination and dreams. Sometimes I wonder - what if I did not start? 

I share my story because you may be like me. You may have big dreams, big goals, big hopes but secretly face fear. I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you believe strongly in your idea, please don't give up. Give it your best shot and execute your idea in your own unique way. Stay true to yourself. Seek out your own tribe and do the hard work of building.

I hope my story inspires you to not give up on your dreams because of what others are doing. I hope you start today and build something powerful in your own unique way. I hope you become the woman who follows through with her dreams. 

What is your dream? Please share it with me below. 

With Love,
V. J.

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