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Finally, a prestigious, sustainably-made luggage without sacrificing your finances or ethical values.

The EQUIP Carry-on Quilted Luggage

Luxury. Prestige. Without the guilt.

If you desire high-quality, luxurious products without sacrificing your entire finances or ethical values, if you no longer want to experience the guilt and anxiety that comes with overspending on a luxury wishlist, if you desire to elevate your personal organization, stand out and show up elegantly, this is your luggage.

"I searched for a suitcase that reflects my desire to live and present myself elegantly without sacrificing my values and finances. I found none, so I designed one for you and me."

- VJ | Founder & Designer | NOTIQ

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EQUIP Carry-On Quilted Suitcase

EQUIP Carry-On Quilted Suitcase

Item: 20232024

$350.00 USD

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Elegant Prestige. Without the Guilt.

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