Improving Lives. Preserving our Planet.

More women face inequality at work, not for lack of talent but because we often struggle with unequal life demands and Personal Organization. I founded NOTIQ to bridge this inequity by offering attainable, fashion-forward, work-life goods that are intimately relevant to women and help women grow in time, money, and life management. I do this with sustainable, animal-free leather goods that equip women to stand out and engage equitably, while solving the problem of environmental pollution. I imagine a world where women are empowered to become more and, in return, change the world around them. I aim for my designs to ignite the dreams of ambitious women and inspire them to live elegant, organized, and meaningful lives.

V.J., Founder, Designer & Chief Elegance Officer
VJ, Founder NOTIQ

June 2022

New Eco-Impact Equation

Ahead of our third anniversary, NOTIQ adopted a new environmental impact equation: 1+1+10. We pledged to plant 1 tree, rescue 1 ocean plastic bottle and offset 10kg of CO2 emissions with every order from our inception. We joined Greenspark to help us independently track and share our early contribution to solving the global climate problem and our commitment to the United Nation's Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG 13).

Track Impact

September 2021

New Facility with Renewable Energy

On our second anniversary, we moved our team and operations into a full-service office, showroom, and fulfillment warehouse powered by 100% renewable energy that is pollution-free, safe for our environment and reduces our carbon footprint.

Changing the Narrative

Fashion For Those Who Care

Sustainable Fashion is often underrated. Consumers largely assume a product not made from animal leather isn’t high quality. NOTIQ challenges this notion with relevant, high-quality, animal-free goods designed to educate and empower our fashion-conscious patrons with eco-conscious alternatives that minimize pollution on our environment. We are on a mission to change the narrative of fashion from consumption to empowerment.

2. The Name

I chose the name NOTIQ for its dual meaning. First, NOTIQ is a creative and abbreviated blend word of NOTE and BOUTIQUE. This blend speaks to the elegant identity of the brand and the intimate luxury experience we provide. Second, NOTIQ is also a blend word of NOTE and IQ. This blend suggests that our products help you make discerning choices for your life. I felt inspired to keep the spelling of NOTIQ simple by ending with a Q and representing the word, Quintessential. I believe this word accurately reflects the brand's persona. Do you agree?

3. The Mark

At first, I chose a stylized Q as NOTIQ's original logo and launched my first collection of products with the Q-logo. I soon realized that though elegant, the original Q-logo won't uniquely identify and serve the brand well into the future. It was time to lean on my art talent and return to my drawing board. I recall scheduling a staycation in my home office/art studio, praying and drawing until an idea emerged. I knew I wanted something simple, iconic, and meaningful. On that hot Summer day in Texas, the "Structure" logo mark was born. It was time for a new chapter.

The new logo mark was introduced to our community by NOTIQ's first anniversary. We call it "Structure" because the logo is a structured collection of lines forming a freeing maze. In our busy world, life can feel like a maze. We hope that the products we create free you and guide you in finding your path so you, too, can make your mark on the world. And oh, did we mention? The "Structure" logo mark is reminiscent of the paper clip, which signifies organization and order.

4. The Head Team

Team Collection