Travel in a Planner™ Has Landed: Experience Travel Through Stationery

See The World's Most Iconic Landmarks Through NOTIQ's New And Inspiring Travel in a Planner™ Collection

Black and white planner inserts with travel landmarks spread across agenda on desk.
Tina Thelen​​

Imagine seeing the world without leaving the comfort of your seat. NOTIQ’s new Travel in a Planner™ collection inspires those who love photography, art, and travel. The collection features an exclusive, curated set of stationery essentials like planner dashboards, calendar cards, affirmation cards, and greeting cards to thoughtfully share the love of travel with others. With each page, one is transported to a different and unique location around the globe, featuring iconic landmarks and stunning destinations that will inspire you to dream big.

Humbly inspired by those who are unable to travel themselves, NOTIQ’s Founder and Designer, V.J., wished to bring to the market something different- a product that could help people dream and be transported from their seats, no matter where they are.

“If you desire more beauty and inspiration in your life, if you struggle to be consistent with using your planner or sticking to your plans, if you cannot travel because of life, sickness, finances or family obligations, the Travel in a Planner™ system is for you."

VJ | Founder & Designer | NOTIQ

Black and white planner inserts with travel landmarks spread across agenda on desk.
Tina Thelen​​

A few notable landmarks displayed in the collection include the Eiffel Tower from Paris, France, the Sydney Opera House from Sydney, Australia, the Flat Iron Building from New York, USA, and the Burj Khalifa from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. NOTIQ wishes to expand on this list as the collection grows and introduce additional travel destinations with each release.

In the new collection, one can find planner inserts and dashboards that come in a set of 25. Each travel image is printed in black and white on quality heavy paper for a luxurious, vogue appeal that displays beautifully in a planner or on a desk.

There are also money affirmation cards in a set of 12 that will help inspire individuals to grow their finances and encourage an abundant mindset. These make fantastic journaling cards that can offer daily insights or thought-provoking prompts for deeper reflection.

For those wishing to grow their collection of correspondence cards, the new collection also offers a box set of 8, general-use greeting cards with simple, but heart-warming message lines that are perfect for a variety of occasions one may experience throughout the year.

From greeting cards to agenda inserts, this exclusive collection of travel-themed stationery products is perfect for those with a passion for art, photography, planning, and jet-setting. With this new collection, one only has to turn to the next page to experience the sights of the world’s greatest destinations- no flight itinerary necessary.

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