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Article: Say ‘Hello’ to Houndstooth: NOTIQ’s Trendy New Fall Pattern

Luxury black and white houndstooth crossbody chain bag on stack of books.

Say ‘Hello’ to Houndstooth: NOTIQ’s Trendy New Fall Pattern

The Fashion-Forward Lifestyle Brand Makes Headlines With the Release of New Exclusive Collection Featuring the Iconic Houndstooth Pattern

Luxury black and white houndstooth crossbody chain bag on stack of books.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

Designed by NOTIQ’s Founder and Designer, V.J, the new Houndstooth Camera Bag is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It’s fun, sophisticated, and ultra-chic. V.J’s inspiration stems from her passion for elegance and standing out from the rest. Her choice of houndstooth for the brand’s first handbag collection comes from the origin of the pattern itself. 

The houndstooth pattern was first seen in Scottland during the 1800s and was originally used as a woven fabric for shepherds. While the pattern started with humble beginnings, it had notably gained modern popularity from its most famous debut in Christian Dior’s 1948 Haute Couture spring/summer collection. Other fashion houses like Chanel and Saint Laurent have also released collections featuring this unique pattern. Since then, the design has been historically regarded as the “pattern of wealth” due to its appeal to the affluent society as a symbol of sophistication.

The history of houndstooth resonates deeply with V.J. After many months of hard work and hours of sketches, the designer’s vision could come to life with the release of the brand’s first handbag: the Houndstooth Crossbody Camera Bag.

“When I was a child, I always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer,” says V.J, feeling nostalgic and grateful for the overwhelming amount of support she and her team have received since announcing the release of the new collection.

Luxury red and black houndstooth crossbody chain bags and red planner.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

The bag comes in two colors, black and red. The exterior is made with a high-quality fabric that is resistant to scratches. The interior features a side pocket for storing small items and the inner lining is made with NOTIQ’s signature vegan leather. Its luxurious gold chain makes the bag the ideal day-to-night accessory. It is also removable, providing users with the option to use it as a crossbody bag or as a cosmetic pouch.

The brand has also released a matching black pen and pencil case with the same houndstooth pattern. The pouch is spacious enough to fit multiple writing tools or cosmetic items. It can also be used as an elegant case for sunglasses.

With houndstooth being spotted on the runway this season, it has been named as one of Fall 2021’s trendiest patterns. NOTIQ has expressed to fans to hurry and secure their camera bags quickly because they won’t be around for long. In terms of its plans for more designs in the future, no sneak peeks have been released as of yet, but V.J and her team promise that they will positively inspire you.

Click here to take a look at the new camera bags.


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