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Article: NOTIQ Dazzles at GO Wild Planner Conference In Washington DC

NOTIQ Dazzles at GO Wild Planner Conference In Washington DC - NOTIQ

NOTIQ Dazzles at GO Wild Planner Conference In Washington DC

NOTIQ Stands Out At GO Wild With Show-Stopping Products And Inspiring Messages For Creatives

Wild For Planner’s 2023 GO Wild Planner Conference in Washington D.C. was a huge success. With more than 1,000 guests present each year, the GO Wild conference is one of the biggest in-person events for creatives and planner-lovers alike. With celebrity appearances, key-note speakers, and engaging workshops, GO Wild attendees experience more than just a week of arts and crafts, but of inspiring transformation, learning, and growing community.


Planner-lovers’ favorite brands could be seen at the event, with big names like Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Cloth&Paper, and Krissyanne Designs in attendance. As a leading figure in the planner community, it was no surprise when NOTIQ made its grand appearance. From their jaw-dropping outfits, to their charming and welcoming demeanors, V.J. and Tone from Team NOTIQ left an undeniable, lasting impression. 


“I was so impressed with VJ at Go Wild that I knew NOTIQ would be one of the businesses I must support! Thank you for the impact you are making on so many lives!!!!”


— Lady Natasha, GO Wild Customer

At the start of the week, conference-goers quickly filled NOTIQ’s featured table, delighting in their generous swag gifts of luxury tote bags, pouches, and vegan leather notebooks. Throughout the conference, NOTIQ could be seen at nearly every single table. “It was so crazy to see Notistas wearing their crossbody phone bags or their totes. Everywhere you went, you saw NOTIQ,” says Tone, NOTIQ’s Head of Client Engagement.

Aside from the products, however, NOTIQ stood out most with its elegant brand philosophy and message. On the fourth day of the conference, a Founder’s Panel of CEOs was held for a fireside chat and discussion. Each brand’s Founder shared their unique backgrounds, hardships, and successes. V.J., the Founder of NOTIQ, was especially radiant on stage with her stunning frill dress and captivating charisma. 


“@notiqbrand... the CHANEL of planners.”

— @thestickerparty, Instagram


V.J. shared her compelling story of being a young entrepreneur from Nigeria, with dreams of becoming an “Elegant, Influential Woman.”  She begins telling the audience of the founding of NOTIQ through her experience of need. After scouring the market, she found that there weren’t any options for planner covers that suited her taste for luxury and elegance. “I couldn’t find a planner that matched my Chanel bag,” she laughed, “I eventually found a discontinued Cartier agenda.”

She started NOTIQ with only $1,000 in hand and a desire to bring to the market an elegant, sophisticated line of planners. With more than just a will to sell products, V.J. set out to provide women not only with the tools they need to stand out, but the resources and education to help them grow.

As the discussion progressed, V.J. went on to explain that her number one piece of advice to young and emerging business owners is to stand out, be different, and resist the temptation to copy others. As a whole, NOTIQ continues to set itself apart from the rest of the planner businesses, growing distinctively as a global lifestyle brand for those who wish to grow in elegance and value.

It was clear that by the end of the week, GO Wild guests not only received lifechanging products from NOTIQ, but lifechanging inspiration, growth, and advice, as well.

“I wish everyone could hear VJ of @notiqbrand’s wisdom about avoidance of copying through self-discipline and cooperation. She is an intellectual property GENIUS.”

@devosdevine, Instagram

Overall, both V.J. and Tone are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be present at the conference and represent the brand. They are humbled by the outpour of messages and notes from GO Wild attendees, and are deeply inspired to continue the brand’s mission. NOTIQ looks forward to the future and hopes to continue to inspire the planner community to pursue elegance and grow in value. 

“This is our calling,” said V.J., as she reflected on the event. “This has just shown us that we are bigger than we realize.”

Love From Fans Over Social Media


“When I pull out my [NOTIQ] products... I stop traffic.”

— Lady Sesaneen, Facebook


“I love you and everything you and your brand represent!! Meeting you at Go Wild was the highlight but hearing you speak on the panel changed me! #QueenEnergy”

— Lady April, GO Wild Customer


NOTIQ {no-teek} is a global lifestyle brand empowering women and stewarding our environment with sustainable and fashionable personal organization goods and education designed to help women stand out, grow in value and become more.

Experience the brand now at and track our environmental impact here.

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