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Article: Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark - NOTIQ
Founder's Diary

Make Your Mark

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a child? I do. I wanted to be a doctor. My Dad is a retired medical doctor and I watched him help people and save many lives. I also recall all of the sacrifices my family had to make so he could help as many people as possible. His commitment and dedication to helping people rise above personal challenges inspired me. I concluded I wanted to do the same - make my own mark on people's lives.

Well, it's 2019 and I am not a doctor, yikes! In fact, I am so far from it. After many tedious even though successful years studying the Sciences, I eventually came to terms with my own capacity and life calling. I wasn't called to touch lives in a medical way. I was called to touch lives in a different way - a creative way. Enter a series of successful creative businesses. Now, enter NOTIQ.

I have a deep desire to help people move their lives forward. I have a deep desire to help people focus and rise above the noise and pressure that overwhelms them. I have a deep desire to help people simplify complex issues. I often say - People do not lack options, people lack real results. My mission is to help people gain the real results they seek.

With NOTIQ, I hope to create, share, teach everything I know about:

  • being productive with little,

  • planning a more intentional life,

  • maximizing resources with simple organization.

One more thing, I hope to do all of this in a simple, loving and elegant way. 

If you are like me, you probably want to make your own mark too. You know what? I couldn't agree with you more. Yes! It's time to make YOUR mark on the world and on people's lives. You might be like me, far off from what and where you initially thought. Have no fear. You are not alone. 

I'm inviting you to be a part of the NOTIQ community @NOTIQBrand. We want to experience your mark. We believe you have what it takes. Now, tell us below, how will you make your mark?

With Love,

V.J. {Founder, NOTIQ}

Follow our elegant community: @NOTIQBrand

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