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Article: Fashion & Paper: A Love Match For Sustainable Impact

Fashion & Paper: A Love Match For Sustainable Impact - NOTIQ

Fashion & Paper: A Love Match For Sustainable Impact

Goal setting kit with vegan leather planners and luxury notebooks on an office desk.
Tina Thelen, Photographer for NOTIQ​​

NOTIQ's exclusive line of planners, organizers, and animal-free leather goods puts sustainability and fashion at its core.

Managing a busy schedule can be overwhelming, but fashionably and with sustainability in mind are even more challenging. NOTIQ is empowering the world's most ambitious women with an elegant line of planners, agendas, notebooks, work essentials, and more.

"I imagine a world where women feel empowered with inspiring tools for success and in return change the world around them," says the brand's Founder & CEO, Vivian Jade.

From the ground up, NOTIQ was established as an impact-focused lifestyle brand. When one woman purchases a NOTIQ product, she not only accesses thoughtfully designed products to help her gain clarity and achieve her goals, but she also empowers the financial dream of another woman in a developing country.

"When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, but I ended up going to college for business. After surviving a layoff and starting several small businesses, I found myself planning lavish weddings and events and designing exquisite stationery for the same. After working with Paper for so many years, a search for the next big step in my career brought me closer to the reality of my childhood dream but with a twist: Enter the world of fashion design leveraging your experience with Paper," Vivian adds.

Her extensive experience with Paper became a vault for her to bring to the marketplace a luxurious and ultra-chic collection of personal planners and organizers any stylish woman may confidently project as a fashion statement. Each NOTIQ product is thoughtfully designed with high-quality, sustainable materials and a vision of helping women stand out, gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, and succeed in a busy world. 

"Often, we feel threatened or fearful about our dreams and our unique path. I felt this way when I founded NOTIQ. I felt I was late to the market, and there was no room for me. The only way to figure out the answer was to keep going, to authentically bring together my love for elegant fashion, my love for Paper, and to do so with sustainable materials. I had no idea it would be the perfect love match."


NOTIQ {no-teek} is a global lifestyle brand empowering women and stewarding our environment with sustainable and fashionable personal organization goods and education designed to help women stand out, grow in value and become more.

Experience the brand now at and track our environmental impact here.

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