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Article: How to Plan Your Weight Loss & Improve Your Health Without Stress

How to Plan Your Weight Loss and Improve Your Health Without Stress | NOTIQ

How to Plan Your Weight Loss & Improve Your Health Without Stress

(This is a continuation from a previous article: How To Plan a Healthy Life) 

Welcome to week two of your new enrollment in the College of Personal Health. I am your college mentor, VJ. Today, allow me to guide you on your coursework. Are you ready? Let's get started. (lol)

How to Plan Your Weight Loss & Improve Your Health Without Stress

If you had the opportunity to attend college and acquire any level of certificate or degree, you'll likely recall some critical actions required to achieve success. For instance, you had to: 

  • attend class regularly to improve your knowledge of the subject,
  • review your notes often to retain your knowledge,
  • complete assignments promptly to practice your knowledge
  • study for tests or exams to defend your knowledge
  • review your semester grade report to assess or prove your knowledge.


Usually, these crucial activities require us to prioritize what matters or pause everything else to focus. I often ask myself, what if we applied the same college-level dedication to every area of our lives, especially our health?


Imagine going to college every week for an average of four years to learn more about your personal health. I imagine we would all be living the dream when it comes to great health. 


I came into this year longing for a major renewal of my mind and a transformation of my health. At the top of my goals are the two words - Weight Loss. In my previous post, I shared my personal health goals with you. I am happy to share that I finally have a spark to jumpstart my dream. 


For months (and years), I have been dreaming, wishing and hoping for a sudden turnaround in my weight loss journey. I would wake up determined to skip this and that, only to find myself starving by midday or doing what I promised myself not to do. I would end the day feeling frustrated and wanting to give up. 


Everything changed when I stopped all of my frantic attempts and focused instead on getting the proper knowledge first. Instead of only watching my favorite romance, K-and-C-dramas, I chose to watch short video clips on health education first and almost every day. All of a sudden, I found myself straightening up, gaining inspiration and motivation to do the right things to start losing weight again. 


They say knowledge is power. I say knowledge is life. Since embarking on this new personal health series this month and immersing myself in educational videos to enhance my health, I have shed more than 6 pounds by making meaningful adjustments—no frantic strategies, no anxiety—just showing up to class almost every day to gain the right education and do my assignments. This newfound knowledge has empowered me to take control of my health journey.


It all began after visiting my doctor for my annual wellness. I requested that my blood be drawn and that the lab results be sent to me. When I received the lab report, I studied every page closely. I paid close attention to any numbers where my levels were marked low or high. I read my doctor's comments and recommendations and then went online to research terms like:

  • How to maintain healthy blood sugar
  • How to improve Vitamin D levels
  • How to improve cholesterol levels
  • Best vitamins to improve Vitamin D levels
  • Benefits of lemon water
  • And so on.


In my research, I discovered that many of us unconsciously rely on our medical providers for health education, when in reality, we should be active partners. This is what active partnership (coursework) entails:

  • Watch educational videos on personal health.
  • Take notes on what to improve and take action to "actually" improve.
  • I pay close attention to my body and health patterns throughout the year. Identify what works for my body and what doesn't.
  • Schedule an annual wellness appointment and show up to share my observations. Ask my medical professional questions or learn more about my findings.
  • Work with my doctor to establish a potential plan for improvement or maintenance. 
  • I will work on my body again throughout the year and repeat the "coursework" before I meet with my doctor the following year.


It's natural to fear the unknown. If you've ever felt anxious, worried, or hopeless about your weight or personal health, I can relate. I've found that knowledge is the key to overcoming these fears in this area. The more you know, the more equipped you are to make adjustments and improve.


Today, I am sharing two of the resources I have found to be meaningful and helpful in my health and weight loss journey. 

  • Healthline: A well-written educational health blog with countless, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand health articles.
  • Dr. Eric Berg DC: A chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. One of the most profound personal health content creators on YouTube, with over 11 million subscribers. Even doctors watch his videos and attend his research seminars. Imagine that?


I'm here to remind you that after setting your personal health goals, the next step is gaining the proper education to help you achieve them. As a Professional Personal Organization Mentor, I often ask my clients:


"Does your schedule reflect your destination?"


Consider, if I were to look at your planner or agenda right now, would I see a dedicated time slot for 'Health Class?' If not, it's time to start. Let's commit to allocating more time in our schedules for our health. Before you know it, we'll be well on our way to achieving our weight loss or health goals. 


I have shared truthfully what is "finally" working for me. I would love to read about the adjustments or steps you'll be taking as well. Until the next post, do know that I believe in you. 



VJ, Founder, NOTIQ 


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