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Article: How To Plan a Healthy Life

How To Plan a Healthy Life

How To Plan a Healthy Life

Houston, 2001. The Journey to a Healthy Life. 

I was a junior in college and worked as a librarian. In between classes and my work on campus, I cultivated a love for chocolate chip cookies. Walking to the vending machine was a treat and a thrill. The convenient price tag even sweetened the deal. I love(d) my chocolate cookies. 

As a low-income college student, I found these 65-cent chocolate chip cookies to be the ultimate bargain for satisfying my hunger pangs. They were sweet, quick and sustainable, or so I thought.

When college life got tough and I ran out of money, I couldn't make my usual trip to the vending machine. During those 'broke periods,' I started to reflect on my eating habits and how they were affecting my health. I observed that my clothes would suddenly start to fit better. It didn't take too long for me to realize the correlation. My favorite cookies were adding to my 'width.'  

In my senior year, following the breakup with my favorite cookies, I felt inspired to improve the quality of my life. I randomly decided to stop drinking canned sodas. Instead, I replaced my thirst for sugary drinks with a measured portion of fruit juice. You won't believe the outcome.

In a few months, I went from a size 8-10 to a size 2-4, which is about three sizes down. Not only did I lose weight, but I also noticed an increase in my energy levels and a decrease in my sugar cravings. My self-esteem and personal image dramatically improved. I could hardly believe it!

One Key Lesson on Living a Healthy Life

The most empowering gift you can give yourself is to pay cautious attention to your habits and knowledgeable attention to your body. Understanding how your choices impact both can put you in the driver's seat of your health journey.

In life, I find that many of us go through the painstaking process of attending the college of our dreams, including the colleges of education, business, management and so on. However, many of us overlook the most crucial college of all-the College of Personal Health. This is the ultimate private college where we learn about our bodies, our health, and how to plan a healthy life. It's a college that we all need to enroll in, and it's a college that can make a significant difference in our lives. 

While there are a few college courses on personal health here and there and fewer programs on the same, nothing beats a priceless education on one's health. If you have the privilege of completing an annual exam with your doctor, you'll likely observe the brief amount of time your doctor is able to spend with you - in a sea of many other patients. This means the onus is on us to pursue that formal education on our bodies and our health. 

The first step to planning a healthy life is to commit to the formal discipline of knowing more about yourself, your habits and especially your body. This journey of self-discovery can be enlightening and transformative. While I am no medical professional, I am an expert in helping people improve their quality of life through personal organization and personal image, of which planning one's health is at the center.  

I often remind my clients to state the following affirmation:

"My body is my tool for fulfilling my purpose. I will take great care of it."

Please read that last line one more time. 

Over the next few weeks, I hope to help you create a vibrant and actionable plan to jumpstart or accelerate your personal health goals. Although we may not have the same types of bodies, goals or challenges, we all share one dream—to live a healthy life as much as we can. 

Let's begin our journey to planning a healthy life now by setting our health goals. It is my honor to welcome you to the College of Personal Health. 

How To Plan a Healthy Life

How To Plan a Healthy Life: Step One

What is one thing you could improve about your health? 

Here are a few well-known health-goal ideas:

  1. I want to go to bed earlier and sleep better.
  2. I want to drink more water.
  3. I want to drink less sodas or none.
  4. I want to take my supplements consistently.
  5. I want to take short or long walks outdoors.
  6. I want to schedule an annual exam.
  7. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  8. I want to slow down and read more.
  9. I want to start breathing exercises.
  10. I want to reduce and manage stress.
  11. I want to practice portion control.
  12. I want to cook more of my meals.
  13. ______________________________

 Let's write your top three inside of your NOTIQ agenda


For accountability, I would like to share mine with you. 

I have spent the last five years starting and building this beautiful brand called NOTIQ. In these past five years, my physical activity has significantly reduced as I am often at my computer designing or working. I have realized that the work and challenges of growing a global brand never end. While I have made some good choices in certain areas, I am making more room for what matters. 

My current health goals include:

  • Taking long walks before I start my day
  • Taking more supplements to support my body
  • Overhauling my entire diet

If you also wish to share yours with me, please do so below. I am hopeful for more possibilities. I am looking forward to the person(s) you and I will become in the next few weeks. Endless possibilities lie ahead of us. Are you ready?


VJ, Founder, NOTIQ


This article is very timely. I have recommitted to improving my health following a material change in my life. I have neglected myself and it has manifested by gaining weight. Thank you for this!


I want to keep my healthy journey going. I had weight loss surgery and I’ve changed so much but I have to keep on track. Using my planner to keep going is helpful. I love your calming message.


OMG I so need to increase my water intake and be more mobile. I have inserts to track my water and fitness yet they remain blank. This is the kickstart I need to get it together

Rachel Washington

I sense so much peace and calmness when reading this blog. I have to admit, as I was reading, I felt so disgust with my health and knowing I have an Uber eats order on the way. I have very poor health maintenance and I feel it even the more after reading. I believe this is a warning in one of the most heartwarming tones to take notice of. I look forward to the class work of doing personal health with you in the coming weeks.


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