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EQUIP Carry-On Quilted Suitcase

Take your organization to the next level with this elegant item designed to inspire you.

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Item 20232024
Color:Black Lisse
Sale price€326,95 EUR

This item plants a tree in your honor, supports verified environmental projects and includes our brand promise to you: Quiet Luxury. Sustainable Design. Superior Craftsmanship. World-Class Service.

Black Lisse | EQUIP Carry-On Quilted Suitcase | NOTIQ
EQUIP Carry-On Quilted Suitcase Sale price€326,95 EUR

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Somer Washington
Luxury on Wheels

I just completed my first overnight work trip with my NOTIQ quilted leather suitcase and it was so divine! This is a lightweight but spacious bag that exudes luxury and sophistication. I loved most that it was easy for me to lift into the airplane’s overhead bin! If you don’t have this bag, you are missing out!

Teirzia LeBlanc
Absolutely Gorgeous!

I adore this bag. I have used it for a few weekend trips so far and it has held up well. Not only is it elegant it is very good quality!. I would highly recommend it. I am looking forward to purchasing the additional pieces she has given us sneak peeks of.

This is how I use this beauty

I'm not a traveler so getting this beauty had my brain going into overdrive to find another use for it! I really didn't want to give it away! It's too gorgeous!

I live in an apartment complex that's currently under heavy construction and renovation which means the residents temporarily lost their parking. However, a temporary parking area was provided but it's about a one mile walk. Imagine walking twice a day and having to carry more than one bag!

I have my briefcase, my purse and my lunch bag then I walk the mile to get to my car and get to work...I repeat the process in the evening; although a shuttle is provided it's not available during the times I need. Doing this twice a day, everyday, puts a strain on the shoulders and back. I was trying to compact my bags but had no success until my husband told me to use the suitcase! I'm so glad I listened! Everything fits and better still, using my other Notiq pouches and laptop case makes organization so much more effective and its easier on the body! I don't slouch nor do I tire easily anymore!

I'm not good with taking pictures so I couldn't provide one for you but believe me....this is a winner! You truly can find other effective uses for this beauty...

Lady Elsie
Elegant carry on

When I tell you I love mu carry on I tell you. Thos carry on luggage is sooo beautiful


Beautiful elegant Luxurious is putting it simple! I love this companies products. You get what you pay for 🥰