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Article: How To Keep Making Progress with Your Goals

How To Keep Making Progress With Your Goals | NOTIQ

How To Keep Making Progress with Your Goals

How are you doing? How are you truly doing? Are you making progress? Are you on track to reach your goals this year? I mean no pressure and I genuinely ask. If you are, way to go! If you are seeking a way to stay on top of everything, you are not alone.


For many of us, life has happened this year in both favorable and unfavorable ways. I'll be honest. The speed of this year came with a lot of pressure. There is so much to do each day, almost to the point of overwhelm. Whichever side you fall on, this is your invitation to remain grateful.


The Summer season is an optimal time for gaining rest and renewing our intentions. Today, I'd love to share some ideas on how to keep making progress, no matter how great or challenging the year has been so far.


  1. Focus on one key task a day: This strategy is a personal favorite of mine. It's precisely what I've been doing to help me keep making progress. For instance, I've been focusing on writing one chapter of my book each week rather than setting a lofty goal of finishing the entire book by the end of the year. This approach has not only helped me stay consistent and avoid feeling overwhelmed, but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment every day. Consider adopting this method and think of it as making a daily deposit into your bank account. Depositing $1 each day into your bank account is better than depositing $0. In 30 days you'll have $30 versus $0 if you are waiting to make that same deposit later in the year.
  2. Take a class: This Summer, I am updating my knowledge and advancing my professional skills with a notable program from the Fashion Institute of New York. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best educators in the area of Fashion and Personal Image.
  3. Join a mentorship program: Do you find that you are making progress in the company of or getting guidance from others? Consider seeking out a mentorship program. These programs can provide invaluable support and guidance, helping you grow in the area you seek progress. They can be a source of inspiration, motivation, and practical advice, making your journey toward personal and professional growth much smoother.
  4. Schedule a personal retreat: Imagine turning off your phone for a few hours or an entire weekend to gain some quiet and listen for what's next for you. I call this making time for personal visioning. Personal visioning is a process of self-reflection and goal-setting, where you envision your ideal future and plan the steps to get there. It's about taking a step back from your daily routine, gaining some quiet, and listening to your inner voice. Scheduling a personal retreat gives you time away for reflection and vision casting, which is crucial for setting clear goals and making progress toward them.
  5. Treat yourself: Is there a milestone you have recently reached? Consider taking yourself out to dinner to quietly celebrate and acknowledge the opportunity you had to get it done.
  6. Show gratitude: Has anyone added value to you lately? Are there a few people on your list you haven't recently acknowledged and thanked? Consider making a list and handwriting a personal note or email to each person thanking them for their many contributions to your life this year. It's not just about expressing gratitude; it's about making others feel valued and appreciated for their efforts.
  7. Ask for feedback: Some of the best shifts in my life came from receiving feedback. If you get passionate about feedback and take action without feeling offended or insecure, you'll find yourself surging forward with progress.
  8. Create a seasonal schedule: Every season comes with its own obligations and commitments. Consider refreshing your agenda with a planner layout best suited for the current season. For instance, if you have several commitments and deliverables each day, try a daily planner layout to better track each hour of your day so everything runs smoothly.
  9. Adapt or Pivot: Are you paying careful attention to trends in the economy or your career? Now is a good time to identify areas of opportunity to adapt to relevant and profitable trends or pivot into new territories, even those out of your comfort zone. Adapting or pivoting is about being flexible and open to change in your strategies or goals based on current circumstances or trends. This can help you stay relevant and make progress, even in uncertain times.
  10. Make new connections: In my previous article, How To Achieve Longstanding Goals, I discussed the value of getting things done in collaboration or partnership with others. Making new connections is another way to make meaningful progress. It's time to meet more people and make new friendships.


VJ, Founder


Shown: The Lady Bag arrives this Summer. 




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