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Article: How To Achieve Longstanding Goals

How To Achieve Longstanding Goals | NOTIQ Planners & Agendas

How To Achieve Longstanding Goals

Do you ever need help with reaching longstanding goals? I mean, goals that make it on your list over and over again? If you do, you are not alone.


I often share that I am more introverted than I appear. I enjoy doing my work quietly, away from all the noise around. While I thrive in quiet, the nature of my work requires me to come out of my quiet space and shell. If you lead a business or lead others in some capacity, you already know that effective marketing or leadership cannot be completed from silos. There is only so much one person can do. There's a lot more that can be done with and in the presence of others. I am learning to grow in the latter.


For over four years, I have worked quietly and mainly behind the scenes, building NOTIQ. It has been a very long journey figuring out my way, overcoming several challenges and growing as a founder. There are moments when I wonder and worry if things will work out. There are seasons when I carry over the same goals month after month and year after year. While I work immensely hard, I still need to catch up sometimes.


For clarity, I am a people person. I love to support and serve others. I'll do everything within my ability to be there for others. I'll sing the praises of others. I'll celebrate and honor others. However, I struggle with being intentional about asking others for help. I found that growing up with little trained me not to put my burdens on others. I usually figure out a way, however long it takes. The good side of living this way is you become a considerate and thoughtful person who is always mindful of others. The flip side is you run the risk of moving slower and getting less done.


Today, I wish to share one other proven method of reaching our goals. This particular method is out of my natural comfort zone. However, it is helping me finally start to achieve specific goals I have carried in my heart for so long. It is the strategy of working with others to reach my goal. For instance, one of my longstanding goals is to serve more clients. I want NOTIQ to empower and inspire more people seeking to improve the quality of life they live and the work they do. I have attempted this goal on my own for a long time.


As NOTIQ turns five this Summer (2024), I want to reach this goal finally—and not alone. Starting this month, I will be hosting what I call PLANNER CLINIC Live with other brands I admire and respect within the planner community. Many of these brands were founded long before mine, but I am grateful I can contribute the value of the unique and meaningful work I do in a way that complements theirs.


If you desire to achieve your longstanding goals including personal, business, career, financial or health goals, consider evaluating what you have that you can bring to the table to collaborate with someone else so you both reach your goals together. To get you started, here are some quick tips to make it worth your while.

  1. Identify your specific longstanding goal.
  2. Identify someone willing to go on the journey of success with you.
  3. Identify the value you wish to contribute to the relationship.
  4. Reach out to ask for a partnership or collaboration.
  5. Remain committed to delivering value to the other person.
  6. Focus on the other person's goals.
  7. Prioritize what matters to them.
  8. Make them feel important.


My first-ever PLANNER CLINIC Live will be this Wednesday, June 12, at 11:00 AM CST, 12:00 PM EST, with my friends at "bloom daily planners" @bloomdailyplanners. I am grateful for the love, support and true friendship I have gained from their entire team, led by co-founders Kaylyn and Michelle. You may learn more about my friends at bloom here.

I love the "bloom" planner brand because we share similar values. They are a heart-led, people-first, value-based brand. They are so gracious, loving and kind. Their heart is to truly help people bloom into their best selves with their beautiful and inspiring collection of planners and lifestyle stationery. I am honored that "bloom" will be joining Planner Clinic as my first co-host on their YouTube channel, while NOTIQ co-hosts on our Instagram here. We'll be discussing Finding Planner Peace with helpful recommendations to get you there. Please join us for lunch.


The Details

  • Event: Planner Clinic LIVE
  • Topic: Finding Planner Peace + Demos
  • Hosts: NOTIQ x bloom daily planners
  • Date: June 12, 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM CST, 12:00 PM EST
  • Place: bloom Youtube and NOTIQ Instagram


So much becomes possible when we partner or collaborate with others. Try these tips, and you'll be amazed at what will happen to your longstanding goals in return. Here's to 'finally" overcoming longstanding goals. Until next time...



VJ, Founder, NOTIQ


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