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Article: 8+2 Planning Tips To Improve Your Health

8+2 Planning Tips To Improve Your Health

8+2 Planning Tips To Improve Your Health

(This is a continuation from a previous article: How To Plan a Healthy Life and How To Plan Your Weightloss Without Stress)

Welcome to week three of your journey at the College of Personal Health. It's great to see you back, ready to continue your progress! I'm VJ, your college mentor, and I'm here to guide you on your path to planning an improved personal health. 

Today, I want to share with you 8+2 health tips that have been instrumental in my own personal health journey. These informational tips aren't just about improving your health; they're about transforming your life. I hope they inspire you to reach your goals. And remember, always consult your doctor for personalized advice.

  1. Swap out rice for cauliflower. I'm a huge fan of rice, especially Nigerian Jollof Rice. But to stay on track with my weight loss goals, I've made a change. I've started swapping out my beloved rice for cauliflower. This switch has helped me cut back on my carb consumption, and it's working!
  2. Consider doctor-approved herbal teas. One thing that has significantly helped me on my health journey is herbal teas. Over the last few years, I've spent time researching and trying out different herbal teas. Some of my favorites include teas containing Turmeric, Lemon, Hibiscus, Ginger, Chamomile and Green Tea. They've helped me with healing, digestion, relaxation, and boosting my immune system. Do your research and check with your doctor to confirm what works for you.
  3. Take your supplements. I had little idea how many vitamins our bodies need to stay well. Our bodies are like complex machines that require the best to stay optimal. As I learn more about vitamins with recommendations from my doctor, I adapt each vitamin dosage to my schedule. I take the vitamins I take in the morning and those I take in the evening. Are you on top of your vitamins? Let's get those penciled into your agenda.
  4. Add some lemon to your water. Try searching the term - Benefits of Lemon Water. You'll discover the plethora of benefits this tiny fruit can bring to the body. I now squeeze one lemon into my NOTIQ water bottle.
  5. Watch health videos daily. Watch at least one quick health video on your way to work in the morning. This helps me set my mind in the right direction and inspires me to make better eating choices throughout the day.
  6. Start breathing exercises. Consider adding at least 5 minutes to your schedule for intentional breathing. Research shows that in our very fast-paced world, many of us rarely slow down or pause to take deep breaths. Deep breathing is known to carry more oxygen to different organs of the body. It's an excellent place to pause and take a deep breath right now.
  7. Plan your water drinking. Many of us go through the day without drinking water or make no plans to drink water. Consider using your NOTIQ water bottle to plan your water drinking. It is helpful to pack at least a bottle of water the night before. Having my NOTIQ water bottle ready to go and sitting next to my laptop the night before work reduces my chances of forgetting to drink water.
  8. Reduce Sugar. This is likely the toughest for most of us. I had no idea the amount of added sugar in most of the food we consume. This explains why some of us don't see an improvement even when we cut back on what we eat. The quiet and secret enemy of health progress is sugar, especially added sugar. I am watching every food label and container very closely. I suggest you start or continue doing the same.
  9. Restart your meal planning. Having a meal plan can be incredibly beneficial in various ways. It not only helps in reducing the frequency of eating out, but also plays a significant role in saving money, promoting healthier eating habits, and providing better control over food choices and finances. Utilizing the NOTIQ weekly meal planning inserts can serve as a useful tool to brainstorm and kickstart your meal planning process. It's also worth considering the idea of creating two distinct meal plans that can be alternated from week to week, providing variety and structure to your eating habits.
  10. Keep walking. As you stride along a scenic path, surrounded by nature's beauty, there's something truly inspiring and uplifting about embarking on a lengthy walk outdoors. Walking has proven to be an effective remedy for healing joint injuries and easing pain. The rhythmic motion of walking allows me to delve into creative thoughts while taking deep, refreshing breaths of fresh air. It's during these walks that I find myself feeling more thankful and contemplative. Walking keeps the body energized and invigorated. Whether it's a brisk stroll in the early morning, a leisurely walk in the evening, or a rejuvenating lunchtime walk, the main idea is to keep moving and keep walking.


Which of these tips will you be adding to your planner and incorporating into you day? If you have a tip or two to share with me, please kindly do so below. I, too, would love to learn.


VJ, Founder, NOTIQ


I have loved these last two blog posts. I have taken everything into consideration and started on my journey with intention. I have my water bottle, bought some supplements, and started my walking journey. Next up is changing out my food after I log these 30 days of these changes. Thank you again VJ, my college mentor!

Alexandria White

Thank you! This is awesome information.

Donna Bryant

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