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Article: 21 Lessons To Jumpstart Your Personal Image

21 Lessons To Jumpstart Your Personal Image

21 Lessons To Jumpstart Your Personal Image

Transform your life with your personal image.

This weekend marked a pivotal moment in my journey as a designer, founder, and speaker. I was bestowed with the honor of being the opening keynote speaker at the world's largest planning conference: GO WILD. This privilege placed me on the lineup with the esteemed Martha Stewart, who delivered the conference keynote. My talk, titled 'Building an Elegant Personal Image,' was a testament to rising above my struggles and insecurities and committing to my personal growth—a testament you, too, can experience.

If there was ever a moment of self-doubt or questioning my purpose, this weekend dispelled it all. The opportunity to interact with some of the world's most creative minds and witness the profound impact of my work reaffirmed that the gifts and contributions we have hold more value than we could ever comprehend.

Following my presentation, there were endless lines filled with people waiting to take photos, steal a hug or share how much my talk resonated and inspired them. It was incredible! I left the conference with several insights I wish to share with you today.


21 Lessons to Jumpstart Your Personal Image

  1. Your gift matters.
  2. Your voice matters.
  3. People matter more than transactions.
  4. People want to connect with people.
  5. People can feel your heart.
  6. Be present in the presence of others.
  7. Many people don't know what you know.
  8. Many people need a loving reminder of what they already know.
  9. People appreciate love, thoughtfulness and kindness.
  10. People want to be inspired and not looked down on.
  11. People will seek you out if you prioritize them and deliver value.
  12. If you keep making deposits into your personal development bank, one day, you'll discover you are worth more than you imagine.
  13. Focus more on adding massive value to others and less on yourself.
  14. A tasteful appearance can open new doors for you.
  15. It pays to speak well.
  16. Always be prepared to provide value.
  17. Step out of your comfort zone and make connections.
  18. Respect the differences of others.
  19. Deliver great service.
  20. Show up authentically.
  21. Have faith that more is possible for you.

Why Your Personal Image Matters

I share these lessons with you because my memorable experience from the conference was heightened as a result of investing in my personal image: my appearance, my behavior, and my communication. This past weekend, I saw the value of planning out the details for each one. 

As I shared in my talk:

"I can't control what others think. I can control what they experience."

If you dream of experiencing more success, more opportunities, more advancement, more connections, more promotions and more fulfillment, it's time to invest more in your personal image by planning out the details: 

  • Plan your outfits
  • Plan how you engage with others
  • Plan how you speak to others
  • Plan your presence
  • Plan your posture

...In a way that is meaningful to you. 

Until next post, discover more tips to upgrade your personal image here.

VJ, Founder


Your message resonated with me at Go Wild and it will carry me through the rest of my life. I’d also like to add my business email to your list xxxxxxxxx. I can’t thank you enough!! 2 Corinthians 9:8

Ashli Crawford

VJ your message has prompted me to not only change the way I want the world to view me but the way I view myself as well. Thank you for the inspiration and insite into how you define your image. I am truly grateful to have heard your message and will carry it with me always.


Your presentation was beautiful

Camisha Maze

Hi dear, would it be possible to share your entire presentation for those who were absence. I would really appreciate reading it.

Rhona Riley

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