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Article: Pursue Your IDEA

Pursue Your IDEA
Founder's Diary

Pursue Your IDEA

I almost gave up on the idea of NOTIQ. It's true. When I first conceived the idea and carried out my research, I faced some challenges. The domain wasn't available for immediate purchase. The domain was listed at a premium price of almost $5000. You read that right, $5000. I'll be honest, I came to a conclusion - Maybe it wasn't meant to be. At least so I thought. 

A few months later, the idea returned to my heart. I thought I could move forward. I thought I could work around it. I considered variations of the brand name - - that was taken too. - that was also taken. Finally, I decided to settle for This was all I had access to. As I pondered more on my final choice, I shared the concept of the brand with a dear friend and invaluable supporter, Laura. Laura encouraged me to keep the spelling of the brand name simple. Well...I knew that. The only problem was the domain availability and the seller's listed sale price. 

Then, I recalled how I had encouraged thousands of people all over the world to not give up on their dreams. It was time for me to live what I preached. So, I prayed. I asked for wisdom. I took a bold step to go after by making an offer to the seller. It was time to show some courage.

Fast forward to 24 hours following my initial contact to the domain broker - the seller not only considered my first offer but also accepted it. The rest, they say, is history. Imagine if I gave up on my original idea (or first choice) and settled for a more harder-to-spell brand name? It would have been a painful, tedious and unsettling journey further down the road.

Here we are today, celebrating the official birth of NOTIQ. I am grateful for the love and support I have received from my family, friends, and YOU reading this journal. I hope the story of NOTIQ inspires you to go after your dreams and not give up on them. I hope your idea becomes your reality. I hope you don't give up on them. 

Here's to the pursuit and birthing of YOUR ideas!

With Love,
- V.J., Founder

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