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Article: How To Experience More Possibilities

How To Experience More Possibilities

How To Experience More Possibilities

Several years ago, as a young mom, I struggled with shopping for myself. I found it easier to purchase something for my children rather than for myself. I quickly justified many purchases in their favor and not mine. I only knew why later. Here is what I found:

  • The only possibility I saw was for others. I couldn't see the likelihood of that splurge on me.

Have you ever struggled with splurging on yourself? Not because you couldn't afford to, but because you thought it best to make the purchase for someone else you love rather than for yourself. Maybe you find it easier to dream of more possibilities for others than for yourself. 

We've all been there, feeling the struggle of not prioritizing ourselves. You are not alone in this journey.

Possibilities are like high-value coats (or gifts) waiting to be claimed at the end of a party. The goal is always to remember to claim yours at the end of the evening so you'll stay warm or enjoy the gift's value. 

When I founded NOTIQ, a brand that embodies elegance and ambition, I imagined serving clients like you. In my head (and heart), I saw a sustainable and beautiful brand empowering people with beautiful and sustainable products.  I also dreamt of a luxury boutique storefront where clients could visit and join us for chic soirees, talks and meetups on Thursday evenings with other elegant friends. 

Today, I am grateful to be living out a good portion of that dream. My vision for a stunning retail storefront is still in the works. However, I remain hopeful and hold on to what I SEE. I even asked AI to create a quick draft/picture of what I see. 

How To Experience More Possibilities

"The secret of experiencing more possibilities is to envision and believe in more possibilities."

It's about expanding your perspective and opening your mind to what could be.  

In other words, you'll likely go as far as you can see.

In my life, I've discovered a powerful tool. It's the tool of surrounding myself with visions and words of possibilities. This practice has empowered me to experience the possibilities I dream of. 

Please allow me to share sincerely.

In recent years, following the pandemic, I picked up a bit of weight. My current weight is the weight I reached while pregnant with my second baby. I listened to the very advice I am sharing with you now and installed a pre-pregnancy photo of myself on my phone's home screen. Why? This photo reminds me of what is possible. This photo represents the vision of the possibility I seek. 

In my office, I also have a vision board of the possibilities I seek, including new product designs, ideas, inspirations and more. I find that when I make the time to sketch, print or pin what I hope to see, I experience more of the possibilities I dream of. 

In more recent times, when I delivered the opening keynote at the world's largest planning conference: GO WILD, it occurred to me that I was experiencing a possibility I had dreamt of and seen in my head several years earlier. Even weeks before the meeting, I saw myself being gracious, kind, inspiring and elegantly dressed each day. And that's precisely what happened. 

Many times, our well of possibilities dries up because we allow the chaos, challenges and bustle of life to take our eyes off our dreams. We unknowingly stop seeing what is possible for us and become choked by what is happening in the lives of others. 

Today, I am here to offer a gentle reminder not to stop dreaming. 

See yourself as:

  1. More successful
  2. More elegant
  3. More beautiful
  4. More organized
  5. More productive
  6. More elevated
  7. More thoughtful
  8. More inspiring
  9. More gracious
  10. More ___________

Regardless of your circumstances, remember to see more possibilities for yourself and not only for others. Starting this week, prioritize yourself by allocating 15 minutes on your schedule to dream and plan. Then, surround yourself with images of your possibilities. 

I'll see you on the CLAIM line.


With Love,

VJ, Founder, NOTIQ


This really warmed my heart in every way.
I can’t wait for the storefront and evening soirées!
I see such a beautiful community of likeminded women in that space with hearty laughter and deep hugs.

As a practice from now on, I’m going to try 15 minutes daily to envision new possibilities.

Until then, we’ll come together to keep cheering Notiq until this retail storefront becomes our reality♥️


I love this message! Prioritizing myself this week! Happy early Mothers Day niece 🥰

Camisha Maze

I got up earlier today, thinking that would enable me to be more productive. I also intentionally did not use social media, so my focus would be more on the important stuff. Well, I found myself procrastinating until I read to see yourself as:
Thanks for the reminder.

Cassandra Crawley Mayo


Michelle Reeves

I loved reading this. I just started social media this past September. Since I have grown and I always second guess myself with how to become a brand (Practical Plans with Rey) I didn’t get to go to Go Wild this year but reading this truly inspiring. And all my planner friend that went said that your Keynote was inspiring. Thank you for this and being you and thank you for the inspiration

Rey Hilburn

Very timely

Stacy Egbo

Beautiful & Inspiring message! I’m definitely doing this starting today. Love it. God Bless!

Rosiland Peters (Divine Creations Bakery)

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