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Article: 14 Meaningful Ways to Romanticize Your Life

14 Meaningful Ways to Romanticize Your Life - NOTIQ

14 Meaningful Ways to Romanticize Your Life

A woman reads a book outside on a patio table.
Photographer: ​​Yulia Grigoryeva

February~ the month of love, new beginnings, and renewed life.

Whether caught in the passion of romance, or feeling fulfillment in independence, you can always find magic in the air this season. Now is the perfect time to live in the ways you’ve only imagined. To be in love with life and see yourself as the main character. 

To experience the fullness of life, you must do the things that bring you joy and add value to your being. If you are in need of an opportunity to reignite the spark inside you, keep on reading.

Here are 14 meaningful ways to romanticize your life and rekindle the flame within:

1. Liven up your home with flowers

A touch of freshness, and a delightful sign of spring, a floral bouquet makes the perfect addition to liven up any space. Just catching a glimpse of these colorful arrangements will inspire you to stay positive throughout your day.

2. Dress up in your best attire

Life is too short not to wear fabulous clothes. Even if you don’t take a single step outside of your home that day, wear an outfit that sparks confidence within you. Something that makes you feel excited to do something amazing that day.

3. Make dinners an elegant evening affair

Take out your finest dishes and pretend that you are dining at an expensive restaurant. You could even light a few candles and play some piano music in the background for effect. If not every night, than at least once a week to feel like you are treating yourself to something fancy.

4. Be present in the presence of others

Put down the technology and place your phone on silent. Be present with the people around you, even if a single word isn’t spoken. Actively listen when it is time to listen and be actively engaged in conversations when they arise. You’ll be surprised to see what you learn simply by paying more attention.

5. Spend time in prayer and mindful meditation

Allow yourself time to be with your thoughts. Whether it is through prayer or meditation, take a moment to just be. This time is important to live a life of peace. It provides you with the ability to slow down, reflect, and grow as a person without the distractions of the outside world.

6. Get lost in a book that transports your mind

Find a book that transports you to another world. Maybe its a heart-racing romance novel, or a true-story biography of someone you deeply admire. Read something that enlightens you, makes you feel adventurous, and encourages a yearning for more.

7. Let the light in whenever you can

Sit by an open window and let the light in from the sun. Let it fill up the room, and fill up your soul with feel-good energy. A dark space can quickly drain you, leaving you uninspired. A space full of light creates a mood of wonder and creativity, fueling you to take action and conquer your goals.

A woman in a romantic field of lavender flowers.
Photographer: ​​Sergei Tolmachev

8. Embody the woman of your dreams now

Do not wait until you are “that girl” to start living the life you desire; start living as her now. Ask yourself, “What makes me happy? Where do I thrive? How will I live as fulfilling a life as possible?” and start creating the habits you need to make that life a reality.

9. Invest in a hobby that brings you joy

There is always room for play. Find what brings you joy and make time for it. Even if for just 15 minutes a day, dedicate yourself to a hobby or activity for your own amusement and pleasure. You deserve to feel enjoyment in the midst of the hustle.

10. Create daily rituals for ultimate success

Design a morning and evening routine that prepares you for success and encourages you to take purposeful action. A morning routine helps energize you, and an evening routine helps you relax and recover for the next day. Both work and rest are needed for a well-balanced life.

11. Get your body moving

We were designed to move. Get in tune with your body and give it the movement it craves. There is a connection between your physical body and your mind every time you exercise. Feel the music through your limbs and learn how your body feels. When you are more aligned with yourself, you will have greater confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

12. Embrace nature in its element

Take some time to breathe in the fresh air outdoors. Reconnect with nature and feel grounded in the moment you’re in, surrounded by things that were divinely created alongside you. There is peace in being away from our modern amenities. When we are subjected to the rawness of the earth and its profound beauty, we gain an appreciation for the wonder that lays right outside our doors: A haven to escape to when we seek tranquility.

13. Indulge in wholesome foods

Fuel your body with healthy and delicious foods and watch as your entire mood improves. When we eat well, we nourish both our physical and mental wellness combined. Meals no longer become just a mindless, necessary means of survival, but a lovely experience to look forward to and enjoy.

14. Speak to yourself with grace

How you speak to yourself is how you see yourself. If you truly wish to embody “main character” energy and romanticize your life for the better, you need to evaluate the way you think. Ask yourself, “Do I criticize myself often? Do I encourage myself with uplifting thoughts?”. Speak to yourself in the way you’d speak to a dear friend.

BONUS: Don't be afraid to dream big

One of the key aspects of romanticizing your life is the allure of fantasy; it is the desire for a dreamy life, one that you don’t ever have to run away from. Don’t be afraid to dream big and imagine your perfect lifestyle. Feel free to get lost in all the little details- the closer you can envision your dreams, the likelier you are to achieve them.

The season of love and life has arrived, and there is no better time to invest in yourself, elevate your life, and be committed to your self-care. Self-love is all about wanting the absolute best for yourself, no matter how much effort it takes, for the overall benefit of a life well-lived.


Now is the time to step into your “main character energy.” Don’t let anything hold you back from romanticizing your life and living it to the fullest.


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