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Article: Empowered for Purpose

Empowered for Purpose - NOTIQ
Founder's Diary

Empowered for Purpose

A few years ago, I watched the story of a young African widow and how she scrambled to care for herself and her two young children. I was moved to tears because I saw a woman like me - a woman with so much potential, armed with determination but limited by circumstances beyond her control.  I knew I needed to do something about it. Since this experience, a portion of my life’s calling became clearer. I sought more ways to give back to other women with a key ingredient that’s transformed my life, enter: empowerment. I believe that when a woman is empowered with the right support, knowledge, and skill, she becomes unstoppable.

In 1997, I moved to the United States with a suitcase and a very big dream. I was hungry for the opportunity to move forward after experiencing a very downward financial season with my parents back home in Lagos, Nigeria where I was born. My family had to start all over.

Over the years, the empowering gift of creativity has helped me pull through some of the lowest experiences of my life. From hair braiding to event planning, from writing to speaking, from designing to drawing…my list of rewarding creative work is literarily endless.

I believe this can be true for more women, with the right support. Now, I am on a mission to amplify the significance of creative empowerment in changing lives. My brand’s global mission is to empower creative enterprise in developing countries. I imagine a world where women are equipped to become more and in return change the world around them. I want to lead this mission by example.

I founded NOTIQ so I may touch, serve and change more lives all over the world. When you purchase from NOTIQ, you not only access carefully designed products that empower your life but you also empower the dream and goals of many other women and creatives in developing countries.

In 2019, our company supported the creative dreams of emerging entrepreneurs and women in Nigeria by providing business grants and resources to move them forward. In 2020, LORD willing, we seek to do more. We are expanding our reach to Uganda with our new partners at Connect Africa Foundation providing vocational skill training and business loans so more women may gain the right empowerment to support themselves and the ones they love.

Thank you for shopping NOTIQ; your support is making BIG dreams happen. You are empowering purpose and changing lives with every purchase.


African mother with child in green forest environment.
Photographer: Annie Spratt​​

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