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Article: One Real Secret of How To Improve Your Life

One Real Secret of How To Improve Your Life

One Real Secret of How To Improve Your Life

Have you ever driven around or past a construction zone? You may have observed a few - UNDER CONSTRUCTION - road signs to guide commuters, walkers and drivers.

In reality, construction areas can create inconveniences, frustrating delays, and dangerous physical hazards. However, the benefits of construction work outweigh the temporary challenges the project poses.

In modern society, construction is crucial in creating new jobs, boosting economic growth, providing housing, improving infrastructure and promoting environmental sustainability. In other words, being under construction brings a lot of value and is sometimes a good thing.

Now, let's bring it home to you and me.

Is there any area of your life that could use construction or reconstruction? Are you experiencing any delays or inconveniences threatening your progress and mobility? Do you feel like you have so much to navigate and handle?

You are not alone.

As an entrepreneur seeking to grow my emerging brand, I find that most days are "under construction" days. I often have to deal with "closures, delays, crises, mental hazards, pressures, and so much more." Sometimes, it feels like my whole life is under construction.

Can you relate? I'll share an instance.

From the first day of its founding, it has been my dream to grow NOTIQ into a full-fledge sustainable Fashion Maison {fashion house} with a unique focus on ______________. I'll leave that for you to fill in.

This dream is more significant than my present resources. It's also a dream with the projection that I'll likely have the UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign standing for a long while. However, I choose to focus on the result and not the sign itself.

The past few months have been incredibly challenging as I seek to fully embrace and align with this big dream of mine and where I seek to take the brand.

I have been working behind the scenes to improve your shopping experience when you visit the NOTIQ website. It's been several hours, days and months of me {personally} designing, developing and improving all of the website's technical and visual details to bring you a world-class experience.

I am not ashamed to share that NOTIQ is an intimate team of about five women. While a bigger team can get me to my dream much faster, I recall the British proverb: Cut your coat according to your cloth. This proverb means it's important to make your plans and decisions based on what you have rather than what you would like.¹

When you have limited resources, you have to deal with a much slower speed or results than those around you, in addition to the challenges of already being under construction. Sigh!

Nonetheless, I am here to say, keep going, keep constructing.

Yesterday, as I prepared to write this week's episode of Elegant Secrets, I sat with my small team to write out all the improvements we've managed to pull together for you while under construction. Here are a few:

Inspiring visual and shopping experience
Advanced search options to help you find products more efficiently
Improved sizing names, structure and size guides
Improved product details and navigation
Automated and meaningful rewards program
New affiliate & ambassador program
Advanced product review and inquiry

While working on these, it didn't sound, feel or read this valuable. Sitting down to pause and review put everything in perspective for me. Suddenly, hope filled my heart again. I had no idea that showing up to my "construction site" each day was coming together better than I imagined.

If you remember the former construction areas you've driven or walked by. You can hardly remember the details and inconveniences of the construction now because the outcome compensated for the challenges.

If you have a big dream like me or seek improvements in any area of your life, it's time to go under construction. Like the construction workers who show up each day until they reach the desired outcome, we must do the same.

Indeed, construction is the secret of improvements. Let's do more of it.

Here's to an "under construction" life.

VJ, Founder

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