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Elevate Your Image.

Fashionable Organization.

Founded in Texas and loved globally, NOTIQ {no-teek} inspires elegant living and meaningful work with a prestige line of fashionable and sustainable personal organization goods designed to elevate your image and organize what matters. NOTIQ's Founder, Designer, and Artist, Vivian J'ade, infuses luxury, elegance and sophistication to spark the dreams of those who seek to stand out and become more.

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"An Elegantly Stylish Path to the Art of Organization."

"Elegant Entrepreneurship One Personal Planner at a Time."

"Sophisticated Planners, Notebooks, Note Pads, and More."

"Vegan Leather Instead Of Animal So I Feel Better Using it."

"Planners Aimed To Inspire And Empower Women."

The Reviews

Average 4.9*

I cannot say enough about the customer service. Anytime I have asked a question or had a concern, they responded quickly. My items are shipped to me in record time. The quality of their company is outstanding.
Thanks For All You Do. 

Linda D.

A truly outstanding customer experience! You guys have really blown me out the water with how quick, understanding and generous you have been.

Conor B.

I love you guys! Everything I get is absolutely fantastic!

Cynthia Z.