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Article: Two Keys For a Fulfilling Life

Elegant Living | NOTIQ

Two Keys For a Fulfilling Life

Do you enjoy learning new words, discovering something new or learning a new language? Learning a new word is like leaping in the right direction or confidently wearing high heels. You walk with your head held high and feel empowered.

Today, I'd like to introduce two phrases that have deeply resonated with me and significantly influenced the way I live. These phrases, 'Elegant Living' and 'Meaningful Work', encapsulate the essence of my journey and the work I do at NOTIQ. I believe they will inspire you as much as they inspire me. Let's delve into the first one.

Elegant Living

What if you could quietly live your dream life? For me, my dream life is a tasteful life of refinement and sophistication filled with exuberant faith in the LORD Jesus and genuine love for people regardless of where they are from and what matters to them. My dream involves surrounding myself with beauty, quality, loveliness, and tastefulness. This could mean having a well-curated and attainable wardrobe within my means, a beautifully decorated home, or engaging in meaningful conversations. It's about paying attention to the details that make life enjoyable and worth living—all without bragging or showing off.  

If you've ever heard me share my definition of Elegance, you'll likely recall:

  • To be elegant is to be thoughtful of others.
  • To be elegant is to present myself in a tasteful way that is meaningful to me yet adds value to others.

I define Elegant Living as living life thoughtfully toward others and meaningfully to oneself in a way that makes the heart leap with joy and fulfillment. 

Notice how this definition does not refer to someone else's standards. To live elegantly is an intimate aspiration no one may fulfill or acquire for you. It's a journey only you can embark on, a path that you pave with your own choices. It's also a journey of possibilities that can be sought and planned for with the choices you make each day. 

Choices on:

  • how you live each passing moment
  • how you behave with respect to others
  • how you speak with thoughtfulness
  • how you work with diligent care
  • how you grow with intention

 In summary, Elegant Living means seeing your life as valuable, being careful to mind the details, and making each choice meaningful. It's essential to add that Elegant Living is not about being perfect but about being intentional. 

Now, let's move on to my other inspiring phrase.


Meaningful Work 

Meaningful work is engaging work that is: 

  • purposeful, 
  • fulfilling, 
  • aligned with one's values, 
  • with a positive impact on people.

Meaningful work goes beyond tasks and deadlines. It's about the profound connection you create with others through your work. It's about leaving a lasting, positive impact on people's lives. Imagine the joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing that your work has made a difference, that it has touched someone's heart and made their life better.

Every day, I rise and head to work at NOTIQ; my heart's desire is for every item I design or article I write to make a difference in someone's heart and life so much that they say, "I'm thankful for VJ." This is not just a wish but a reality I strive for. I recall each time a client expressed gratitude for my work and the words I write each week. These moments remain one of the most fulfilling moments of my career. 

Elegant Living vs Meaningful Work

Elegant Living, with its focus on thoughtfulness and meaningfulness, enhances the quality of the work we do. In turn, Meaningful Work, with its purpose and positive impact, enriches our lives. They are not separate entities but interconnected aspects of a fulfilling life.

Today, I am here to share with you that Elegant Living and Meaningful Work are not just lofty ideals but tangible realities. I know our world is full of noise, and many people actively attempt to define our lives. However, you and I can take small, intentional steps to align our lives with our dreams and create a life worth living. 

  • The first step is to dream. 
  • The second is to believe that what we hope for is possible.
  • The third is to quietly take the small daily steps in the direction of what we hope for.
This could mean setting aside time each day to work on a personal project, learning a new skill, or making a conscious effort to be more present in our interactions. By consistently taking these small steps, we can gradually align our lives with our dreams.


Why Elegant Living & Meaningful Work Matters 

In the end, Elegant Living and Meaningful Work should matter to us because, at the end of our lives, we want to have few regrets and be able to say:

  1. I am thankful for the value I gained with the life I lived (Elegant Living)
  2. I am thankful for the value I added to others with the way I worked (Meaningful Work).

 Until next post...


VJ, Founder, NOTIQ

1 comment

Thank you VJ for your well crafted article, sincerely it made my day.
I use the dreaming or visioning as a tool for my elegant life and it has served me well. I want to encourage others to dream and to use dreaming as a tool intentionally to live their elegant life and do a meaningful work.

I look forward to more gems from you, beautiful VJ!

I’m intentional

Omolola Oyewumi

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