What's With The Q?

What does the Q in NOTIQ mean?
Since we launched, I have been asked on several occasions: What's with the Q? What does the Q mean? What does the Q stand for?

    The elegant, stylized Q is NOTIQ's brand mark or as I say - our mark of distinction. In a very noisy world, it's so easy to become lost in the crowd. I desired to bring to the market a brand that thoughtfully and accurately represents the essence of my work and the essence of the clientele I sought to serve. My dream is to serve some of the world's most elegant and ambitious people and those who have a desire to become a part of that group. The Q in NOTIQ, therefore, stands for the word - Quintessential - which the Oxford Dictionary defines as - representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. I couldn't agree more. 

    Now you know. The next time you see the Q on your favorite NOTIQ item or you spot it on another Notista (Lady) or Notisque (Gentleman) - think Quintessential, think Quality, think Classy, think Ideal, think Supreme, think NOTIQ.


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    • Keva

      I absolutely love this! Q 💜

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