Raise Your Hands

As a young child, I was taught to raise my hands during a formal class or group setting. Do you remember this too? I was often told:

  • Raise your hands if you have a question
  • Raise your hands if you know the answer
  • Raise your hands if you want to try

Perhaps like you, the practice of raising my hands taught me:

  • To be orderly, thoughtful and mindful of others
  • To prioritize adding value to others with my contributions
  • To choose courage in the face of uncertainty 

Even though this was a childhood practice, I believe these values are still needed in our world today and especially during these times.

In this season, we have seen several essential workers and medical professionals raise their hands not because they have all of the answers but because they are simply willing to try. I too am inspired to keep raising my hands. I’m inspired to keep adding value to others with my contributions. I’m inspired to keep choosing courage in the face of uncertainty.

I believe something powerful happens when we raise our hands.  

I don’t know what fears you may have, I don’t know what your dreams and aspirations are. What I do know is you and I can raise our hands to make a difference in the lives of others in tougher circumstances than we are. 

This past quarter, with your support and orders placed, NOTIQ was able to improve the sanitary and living conditions of a family in Africa by providing a new home. We were also able to provide food for families who are unable to make their daily living due to the strict quarantine rules currently active in developing countries.

Will you consider raising your hands some more as well? Wherever you are, please consider:

  • Showing more love by sharing your resources with others
  • Leading by example when no one wants to
  • Thinking of others and what their urgent needs might be

You and I can change the world if we simply raise our hands!

You are in my thoughts.



  • Ruth Butler

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful nugget. As a child that is what I was trained to do raise my hand.

  • Adepeju

    Thank you so much for this profound message ma’am, not only have you inspired me but you have taught me something that I can keep sharing, to be Orderly, thoughtful And mindful of others. To add value to others and always choose courage over fear. To raise my HANDS whenever I have something to share with the world! Thank you!

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