Elegance in the Details

From my early childhood, I dreamt of becoming an elegant woman. I dreamt of living out true beauty, authenticity, grace, poise, warmth, love, eloquence and the like. I was quick to identify with and to admire women who lived out these virtues. These women were a breath of fresh air and were simply remarkable...all with imperfections.

I have since begun my journey to becoming that woman. The woman who lights up the room. The woman who is thoughtful of others. The woman who stays true to herself. I am not perfect in any way and I have no desire to be humanly perfect but I am grateful for my "becoming" journey. 
The NOTIQ brand embraces these same virtues I care about. I dream of NOTIQ serving that woman (or man) who identifies with these virtues. I dream of NOTIQ becoming a lovely haven for those who desire to live in a simple, minimal, yet elegant way.
When you place an order from NOTIQ.com, you'll receive thoughtfully packaged orders that are full of grace and love. We are a brand inspired by what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and admirable. I'm inviting you to join our community. Let's live out these values together.
Before you leave, share with me below, is elegance often on your mind?
With Love,

- V.J., Founder

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  • LaTasha Green

    Elegance is always on my mind! I love your attention to details and your brand story. Keep doing amazing and elegant work!

  • Nadine Jones-Ruffin

    When I first seen your work. I was amazed at the elegance. Looking at the planner made me want to place it in my hands so others will Grace it with status. It is the the small wonders that make us stand out from others and your Q is one of them. I love the beauty of the pink. It makes me smile “girly” in a gentle way. thank you for stepping out on faith and trusting in your talents from the Awesome One. March on strong woman of God.

  • Sharon Richardson

    I love how you created Elegance in a Planner. I am in Awe!

  • Deb Jacobs

    I’m intrigued by this beautiful idea!

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