Raise Your Hands | NOTIQ

Raise Your Hands

As a young child, I was taught to raise my hands during a formal class or group setting. Do you remember this too? I was often told: Raise your ...

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Courage Over Fear | NOTIQ

Courage Over Fear

March was meant to be a very delightful month especially being my birth month. I didn't have much on my wish list but I planned to celebrate a birt...

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Build Something Powerful | NOTIQ

Build Something Powerful

Often times we feel threatened or fearful about our dreams especially when it appears that so many others are doing what we desire to do. I felt t...

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Empowered for Purpose | NOTIQ

Empowered for Purpose

A few years ago, I watched the story of a young African widow and how she scrambled to care for herself and her two young children. I was moved to ...

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What's With The Q? | NOTIQ

What's With The Q?

Since we launched, I have been asked on several occasions: What's with the Q? What does the Q mean? What does the Q stand for? The elegant, styl...

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Meet The Founder | NOTIQ

Meet The Founder

Why, hello there! You've seen my initials (V.J.) on here and on your personalized handwritten notes included with your shipments. I thought it woul...

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Make Your Mark | NOTIQ

Make Your Mark

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a child? I do. I wanted to be a doctor. My Dad is a retired medical doctor and I watched him h...

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Elegance in the Details | NOTIQ

Elegance in the Details

From my early childhood, I dreamt of becoming an elegant woman. I dreamt of living out true beauty, authenticity, grace, poise, warmth, love, elo...

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