• Misty

    What a blessing!!!

  • Susan

    Thank you for this message. It came at the perfect time and confirmed a decision for me.

    Blessings to you!

  • Bertina

    The things that you say, just speak truth to my heart and to who I am. I often think that you are the most successful in your silence! You are able to focus in on tasks ahead and reflect internally. I’ve always been an observer and listener. Have you ever heard the phrase “be slow to speak and quick to hear” or to never let the right hand know, what the left hand is doing! Those are things I try to live by. However, silence is not always comfortable! You can not be comfortable and grow at the same time! It is in that discomfort that you learn to fight! It is in that discomfort that you find out who you are! It is in that discomfort that the skeletons in your closet or things of your past that perhaps you have swept 🧹 under the rug begin to resurface! It is in your discomfort that you lay down the burdens of your past, so you can step into who God has called you to be! Every pain, failure and discomfort that you go through is attached to your purpose!

  • Satoya

    Your Quiet Success speaking/teaching was enlightening and encouraging, as well as a confirming word for me from Our Lord.

    Thank You,
    Satoya E…

  • Desi

    You have such an amazing gift VJ. I feel as though I’ve purchased a lot more than just a planner. You glow! Thank you for the beauty in all the things you provide.

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