• Charnae Sanders

    Absolutely loved listening to your episodes! Thank you for courageously and authentically sharing your story! Your transparency and optimism is very encouraging! May God continue to bless you and your business!

  • Towana

    Thank you for the encouraging words, the inspiration and the scriptures. I’ve embraced my quietness during this time of uncertainty, I’ve paused and I’ve just listened. The infinite spirit lead me here in my moment of stillness yet I didn’t question why I just obeyed the instruction and I’m grateful to have been obedient. Please give us more radio time or do you have a podcast? I feel as though I am in a guided meditation when you’re speaking,Then awakening to a renewed and transformed focus ! What more can I say :)

  • Ink It Notary & Consultancy

    literally in tears…….

  • Barbara Meehan

    Thankfully I found Your Site, I was shopping for a Journal for a Young Woman in her 40’s, Beautiful and Kind. Now, I am a 74 year old Lady and I love giving. Vivian, You, although much younger than I are seemingly the same. You share your experiences, knowledge, needs, and I feel you might be somewhat “A Miracle” for the Sweet Person I gifted your Beautiful Journal to. You see, She is going through her own Struggle, trying to start over (literally) in every way. She is smart, thinks with her heart but also “out of the box”. I know She will love the Journal and I will tell her about You, Your Business, the Radio portion. I listened to You, You are a Beautiful Lady obviously inside too, which I think is more important. Your voice is warm and sincere and for many I know it will prove helpful to listen to you. I heard you speak of your book “Fresh Start”, that is impressive.
    I am impressed with You and this company NOTIQ.
    I gifted My Beautiful Daughter a Journal also. She loves writing. She is amazing and smart and determined and disciplined. She is everything I wished I could be, I could not be prouder. I know She will love her Journal.
    On your recording messages, You speak as A Friend, that is Beautiful.
    I am happy to make your acquaintance. Thankyou, Never change.
    I will be purchasing more as time goes on. Blessings to you Always.
    Sincerely, Barbara Meehan

  • Brigette M

    Very timely episodes. Thank you so much for sharing and being as being transparent about your layoff story.

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