6 Things to Include in Your Planner

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When it comes to building a planner system, it can get overwhelming for those who are just getting started. There are many inserts on the market to track and plan a myriad of different things in your life. 

If you are unsure of what to include in your planning system, or want ideas on some things you can track, here are six things to include in your planner:

1. Main Spread

Your main spread will be the section of your planner that you view the most. This will typically be your daily, weekly, or monthly inserts. These pages are universal, and offer a place to track multiple things like your To-Do’s for the day, your work schedule this week, or the events coming up this month.

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2. To-Do Lists

You can include additional To-Do list inserts into your planner to have a clear view of your tasks. These pages are ideal for your busier days or when you have a project to complete with multiple steps. 

3. Notes

A Notes section in your planner is perfect for getting your thoughts out on paper. These pages are especially useful when you just need a place to quickly write things down. There are lined, dotted, and grid note paper options depending on how you organize your ideas. 

4. Finance Tracker

One of the best ways to keep track of your budget and expenses is through a finance tracker. Having one in your planner offers a convenient way to be on top of your money. There are inserts for budgeting, income and expenses, shopping lists, loan trackers, and more. 

5. Meal Plan

If you are someone who likes to prepare their meals in advance, try including meal planning inserts in your planner. These pages can help you track what you eat throughout the week and help you plan for the next one. You can also write down new recipes to try and keep a record of the ones you loved.

6. Goal Planning

One of the first steps in goal setting is to plan. Keep your goal planning sheets and trackers in your planner to serve as a reminder of the actions you plan to take to achieve these goals. This is a great way to get organized, be productive, and stay motivated.

What are some of the things you like to track and plan for? Share with us some of the things you have in your planner!


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