#1 | The Simplicity Test

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness, and truth.

~ Leo Tolstoy

Have you ever been in the presence of a genuinely remarkable and elegant person? Like me, you probably left feeling inspired and wondering how you, too, can do the same. 


As an ambitious young woman seeking to grow in value and make my mark, I sought to understand what makes the people I admire stand out in such a busy and noisy world. 


My first discovery took me unawares. Enter the keyword: Simplicity.


My observation and research revealed that genuinely remarkable, elegant, and successful people often seek to keep things SIMPLE. They are easy to understand, relate with, and prioritize function. 


This 2022, I hope you'll do the same. I hope you'll stand out and grow in value in all areas of your life. When you face decisions, meet people, engage in business, or do work, try what I call the Simplicity Test:


1. Am I clear?

2. Am I relatable?

3. Am I practical?




Founder & Chief Elegance Officer

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This year, I chose to add massive value to you and our elegant, NOTIQ community. I hope this article inspired you. Please write me a word or two and let me know if it did. If you found no value, please let me know as well.

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